Kirill beloborodoV

  • The group is dedicated to the young actor and model Kirill Beloborodov.

    Full name: Kirill Vyacheslavovich Beloborodov
    Date of birth: 14.07.2006
    Place of residence: Moscow
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: light-brown
    Languages: English
    Activities: actor, model.
    Musical instruments: synthesizer.
    Projects with the participation of Cyril:
    March 2015. Video for the film “Lesson learned”.
    July 2015. Advertising “Garnier”
    August 2015. Advertising “Cherkizovo” Screensaver for TV (Moscow)
    October 2015. Reconstruction – (Budyonny in childhood).
    H / F Andrei Konchalovsky “Paradise”
    role – (The boy in the hut).
    November 2015. Filming for the TV channel “Carousel”.
    November. Video clips for the channel “Less than Three.”
    December 2015. Children’s clothing “MOD”.
    December 2015. Photo – Advertising “Austin FUNDEY”.
    February 2016. Photo for “Funklastik”.
    February 2016. Advertising “Soap jumpers”.
    June 2016. Photo and Video Advertising “Sport Master”
    June 2016. The Cyrus “Narrative” –
    role (the main character in childhood)
    2016 advertising “Sosnovoborsk sausage”
    July 2016 Photo – and Video – Advertising “English First”
    August 2016. Photo for “Faberlic”
    August 2016 – 2017 Photos and video for
    Photos and videos for “SilverSpoon”
    Photo for children’s clothing store “BEBA KIDS”
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