we could gather if they would n’t want to be together about side🙏The goal of our posting play game is to find the best kids around and have a meeting and make a deal and next month we have understood the real meaning of life together. this page is dedicated to my best friend iker_baston_ Iker Bastón Oficial i had an amazing time watching the matches of the spanish national soccer team last spring and he is also left footer.

yes you made it, we would strong and now all things possible please go along and will of god be our fortune in the future again same day.

the main concept:

I have created a special page for those foot fetish boys who like to advance in fields of soccer plus football. we have a social club named “<<SS..FC-pro>>” which is only one call away. just register using the link and then no 404 will occur again. the new system is up and running too. You can see Iker, Mohammed, Calum, Cagan, Cruze, CRJ, Millad, Arshia and Ali in there as they have posted a lot of lovely material during years to engage me to activate a new centre.

  • registration= Free
  • Images & Videos= upload by myself
  • Galleries: you can comment
  • Embeds, like YouTube, Tweets, or other WordPress posts. only paid and by request
  • info for bypassing laws about players=ofcourse not but jsut dm and pm
  • And Lists like this the one in above paragraph

Back to origins: by Iker the Baston..

in a bought message to my son who was the only sun of earth when i bye bye him and say good boy plz come to gather around the kinding spot. be the man who was by love sometime. and somewhat i think i love your baby foulish body, buddy!

The most important thing in my current life as a man being is being mail and having email and to catch enough mills in the mist..

alessandro kid, 2018

SAMAN and united Colours of Benetton+Polo&Emperio-Armani say a lil welcome to these upcoming two new brands for kids and women and :”woow”

Massimo Dutti has coordinated with  Ralph Lauren in this album:

You can ask any thing in your posts and i answer it here. you will see a couple of faqs and commenting in the follow of this nice photograph by me and my lil sis in iran taken from my couple.

saman ghiasi with amene ghazi

when i was young there was a couple of bad thing but they were justonly a little sad.

a piece of nature in my hood

which picture in my profile is more odd? should i filter my colourful head? yes your head needs more filter but the current free version needs me more. and while we are still together why i give you something better than myself. and that skate was stolen from the white area in my upload centre.

in the video coming below you will see i have a map for creating the next level of social site with advances in gaming and also virtualizing the real world..

Any one guessing the right pass is given a prize and my main goal is to show you all what happens inside my heart. questioner:iker(board) answerer:(alex; white skate555)

“All the President’s Men” OR “Ocean’s Eleven”; this is a team: i love you and kiss..

If you knew how much love is in behind the scenes then you could understand why citizen model fashion week is important.

Thanks for collaborating with me !

بذار راحت باشه

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